4 coaches the Sens should look tohire. As the season comes to a close and

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4 coaches the Sens should look tohire.
As the season comes to a close and

a new regime likely takes flight in towards next season Nick Paul Hoodie, I don't see coach Dave Cameron sticking around. In light of that perspective I have decided to look at some of the coaches who may be a good fit for the coming season. 1. Bruce Boudreau Even though Boudreau is currently coaching the Anaheim Ducks https://www.ottawafansstore.com/Martin_Havlat_Hoodie-56, if he does not perform in the playoffs he may be on the outs. The teams that Boudreau has coached have generally benefited from a high 5v5closeCF% as presented by the graph below Derek Stepan Flag. u04yhuim1.0.html In Boudreau's last season as Washington's head coach he was rocking a 49.3 5v5 close CF% and since his first season in Anaheim the team has only improved. A crazy stat worth mentioning is that of every full season coached (82 games) he has never had less than 100 points. If he's available at the end of the season he should be the Sens No.1 choice. 2.Ken Hitchcock Hitchcock has coached for a very long time in the NHL and advanced stats really only came around in 2007-08 so really I will only be analyzing from that point on https://www.ottawafansstore.com/Alexei_Yashin_Pillow_Cover-91. In Hitchcock's career from 2007-08 to the current year he has only had one season in which his team has had a sub 50% 5v5 close CF% which is out of this world good https://www.ottawafansstore.com/Face_Masks-87. Known for his defensive systems Hitchcock usually garners one of the league's best CA/60. This is espically important as the Senators have struggled in this category again as demonstrated below. ycywmj1yx.0.html If he becomes available in summer due to the St. Louis Blues forever troubling playoff failures the Senators should be sure to at least interview. 3.Sheldon O'Keefe O'Keefe is an up and coming head coach who is currently coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs minor league affiliate the Toronto Marlies. He was the hire of his former and now current boss Kyle Dubas. The Marlies are currently in first place in the AHL by 12 points! They have a 0 Joey Daccord Flag.784 win percentage which is out of this world good. Coming from under Kyle Dubas is most likely assumed that he embraces analytics and his practices have been described as very skill based which is something the Sens should be looking for as the NHL transitions into that type of league. 4.John Stevens Currently an assistant on one of the best advanced stats teams in the NHL, Stevens is primed and ready for another shot at a head coaching job in the NHL. He did not do as well as he might have hoped as he did not have a positive CF differential in any of the seasons that he coached in but hopefully under Sutter he has learned a fair amount and he can translate that into a good second attempt as a head coach. In conclusion i think that anyone of theses coaches would be a great hire for the team and almost anything is better than the current state of the team. Next i will be looking at some General Managers the Sens should look at as Bryan Murray leaves. Thanks for reading! all stats provided by stats.hockeyanalysis.comPollWhich coach do you want?52%Bruce Boudreau (26 votes)4%John Stevens (2 votes)18%Sheldon O'Keefe (9 votes)26%Ken Hitchcock (13 votes)50 votes total